Thyroid Treatment and Surprising Facts About Your Thyroid

Clinical Hypo-Thyroid Management

A Critical Situation, Managed With Your Medications, Diet, & Supplementation

Here are the FACTS!                                                                                                                         Fact: thyroid disease is epidemic in America

Fact: Hashimoto’s Auto-Immune Disease is becoming the most common hypo-thyroid situation

Fact: Most patients never connect diet and supplementation to the maintenance of health and their thyroid

Fact: Most doctors are not practicing clinical nutrition and use it as a treatment source for hypo-thyroidism

Fact: left untreated, the thyroid can develop goiters, and/or continue to fail until it virtually disintegrates

Fact: many weight gain circumstances are a result of poorly managed thyroid conditions and other endocrine illnesses

Fact: most people do not get a blood test to determine what’s wrong with them before they start a diet

Fact: most diets do not have long lasting results because there may be metabolic problems left untreated

With all these facts established by the world’s leading scientists and doctors, we recommend that you get a blood sample of your thyroid. A full thyroid panel, e.g., TSH, T3, T4 are helpful in establishing the condition you have.

FYI!     At Prime Life-BSRX we offer a low cost thyroid panel that is easy and fast. Along with that, a clinical assessment can be provided and recommendations for your recovery and WEIGHT LOSS.

As part of the assessment you should participate in the following:

a) the blood draw

b) weight checks

c) symptom identification, e.g., fatigue, malaise, sleep issues, moodiness, recent fat gain, etc

d) a review of your results and a clear forecast about your condition with proper recommendations for successful metabolic overhaul and fat reduction

If you would like to create a treatment program for your thyroid condition, we can assist with each step and outfit you with proper diet and supplements while you get your required medication from your physician. When your condition is stabilized, we can proceed with the Homeopathic HCG diet or another diet that is considered more appropriate for you. An exercise module is offered to you to help rejuvenate you and hasten the transformation.