The Carb Less Solution Offers Metabolic Rehab

The Carb Less Solution

A New Food-Based Cure To Have A Healthy Metabolism  by James Villarreal  c. 2012

After reviewing the results of many weight loss participants, there was information which became important to the understanding of how the hormone leptin operates, in relationship to appetite and the desire for food. Leptin, being a hormone is cited as a key to how the appetite fluctuates, either normally, or abnormally.

Leptin is much like insulin in that it can secrete irregularly and create a down-line of problems for its host. Much like insulin, people can develop an impairment with leptin and the system that manages appetite regulation. If leptin secretes too much, ‘in-sensitivity’ occurs and creates an irregular situation with appetite and desire for carbs.

One of things that seemed apparent is that individuals with leptin ‘insensitivity’ have excessive appetites and consumes lots of food. Conversely, overeating is not necessarily evidence that someone has a leptin problem. Chances are, that if someone overeats for a long time, they could develop an insensitivity to leptin, however. In the process of over-eating, the consumption of too many calories is typical. Too many calories leads to becoming fat and unhealthy.

When many people diet, leptin and their appetite regulation is not fixed. In some cases, people can beat the odds and lose weight effectively. Keeping the weight off, is another matter. Anyone who goes up and down with their weight knows that it is nearly impossible to sustain their weight loss and eat like a normal person. If it was simple to just lose fat and then follow a program for long lasting results, there would be hardly any weight loss programs in the marketplace. The reason weight loss programs fail, can be from many issues. One of the most reasonable assessments about the failure of diets is that people are virtually addicted to carbohydrates. Carbs will simply cause people to get fat if they are not managed. Breaking a carb addiction is very difficult. Carbs are forms of starch and sugar. Some people have difficulty with various types of carbs and they can lead to disease like diabetes, type II.

Obesity is a disease that reflects a person’s inability to manage the influence of carbs and consumes too many calories. To correct obesity, a multi-faceted clinical approach works best. Pulling together a multidisciplinary approach for treatment is proven to be the best method for helping obese individuals. Addressing clinical nutrition, the physicality of the individual, food related difficulties, hormone irregularities, and metabolic fractures should be part of the areas of investigation in an effective obesity treatment program.

In some cases, all these approaches do not remedy the entire problem. So, what’s left? Clinical reviews have suggested that dysfunction of the hypothalamus and related hormone shortfalls, play a role in the condition of the individual. A way to help minimize the problem is to reset the influence of carbs and get the individual to control calories. Hopefully, in time, certain habits change and a person finds it more easy to sustain the results of a weight loss and health goal.

The Carb-Less Solution is an approach created to help someone lose fat through a tactical regulation of carbs and calories, in a healthy fashion. The material in the program is unique. The system works in all instances. In fact, out of a 30 year career as a wellness educator, I have only seen one other approach work as reliably. The good news is that it can be done without products if you wish, you can use the system for the rest of your life, without regrets. You can use it at home and enhance the lives of those you love. The reality is this: to stay lean and look your best, you need to manage calories and carbs. If either of those aspects are ignored, you may get very fat and start the spiral of ill-health and obesity.

So, using the material in The Carb Less Solution will allow you to be at your best and lose most any amount of weight gradually, sensibly, and for life.

The system requires a careful regulation of calories and carbohydrates over the course of 12 weeks. It is virtually customized with a lot of flexibility. You will eat a lot and often.

A component of any good weight management approach is the use of activity or exercise in regular small doses which are usually fun and easy to commit to. A daily activity is recommended. It makes things happen faster and helps develop leaner stronger muscles. A test population for this material opted to just walk around a track and at times did some resistance exercise. Sessions were 30 minutes or less. Each week you are monitored for progress. Every two weeks, an adjustment in carbs is instituted which helps you develop healthier physiologics. Insulin and leptin are doing their jobs and your stockade of fat diminishes consistently.

Everyone in our test pool, succeeded and did not use any supplements or gimmicks. Within 12 weeks, everyone was incredibly more healthy, happy, and lean. It was so successful that a federal agency wanted to use it across the country. The test pool were various ages, all very sickly, and needed to lose weight to escape disease and even death.

This program is a great add on to a rapid weight loss protocol like the LifePrime Diet. It is also a good approach for people who might not tolerate a rapid fat loss approach with a lot of restrictions.  Every weight loss program has positives and considerations. We advocate two approaches:  1) a healthy, carefully monitored fast program like the LifePrime Diet and 2) an alternative approach that has been proven to work and prevent life threatening metabolic disease, like the CarbLess Solution.