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Safe| EfThe PRIME Diet - Bottle and Materialsfective | Caring | Guaranteed

Let Life Prime International coach you through every step of the PRIME Diet method for the Simeons Diet and rapid weight loss! Better than the old fat loss diets - Safe, Effective, Caring, Complete. Guaranteed weight loss since 2007.  Our Life Prime Appetite and Diet product that is Made in America comes with a convertible spray and dropper system.  Thousands of happy customers LOVE our products!  Thank you to everyone!


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While 'The HCG Diet'  was our focus for 10 years, we have taken what we learned and integrated it into a new and sophisticated system that is simple to administer.


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Aggressive and fast weight loss and fat loss and dietary protocol based on the Simeons diet. Read More Below or go straight to the PRIME Diet program for features and pricing.


The PRIME Diet™ Program for the Simeons Diet

The original PRIME Diet TM offered by Life Prime since 2006. Requiring a safe caloric load and consistent FREE counseling, the PRIME diet based on the HCG Diet has gained popularity due to the large amounts of body fat that are consumed. PRIME Appetite is combined with a weight loss system, and under safer more responsible guidelines than the original fast weight loss HCG diet protocol based on Dr. Simeons research.

  • 800+ Calorie Eating Plan
  • **Effective for weight loss
  • 1 Bottle of the Improved Prime Appetite & Weight Management Product (2 OZ, extra for a mid-day dose for those who need additional help with cravings, hunger and energy)
  • FREE unlimited counseling and support
  • Daily Food Journal/Chart
  • Diet Plan
  • FREE Follow up consult for post diet "after care"
  • Option to use a long term, weight management program


BUY NOW ($50.00/ 45-60 Days) CLICK HERE