Fast Weight Loss Works

As a national provider of the popular HCG Diet for fast weight loss, LIfe Prime (formerly Body Solutions Rx), continues to offer its formulation, dietary plan, and cookbook.

Many new stories, blog posts, and social influencers tote their own weight loss products and programs. Which is good and well. And the public at large has many options at their disposal, which change year to year with varying degrees so popularity.

Fast weight loss works, to this day, when people use tried and true programs and products. Life Prime continues to offer such weight loss programs and products, though we have scaled down our offerings after learning more is not always better. People know what to eat. They know what additional supplements to take to support their health goals. And, therefore, it is the goal of Life Prime to offer only what is needed to ensure fast weight loss success on the HCG Diet.

Gone are the large fees and add-ons other companies push in order to increase profits.

We believe the body is meant to heal itself. All people need are the tools to aid in that process. At Life Prime, and Body Solutions Rx, we offer PRIME Appetite, the PRIME Cook Book and daily meal charts, and if desired, a supplement to aid in improving daily energy while the body undergoes its modification from a fat storer to a fat eliminator.

Pretty simple.

Fat weight loss works when the right products are used in conjunction with a client who is committed to their own success.

We offer Colorado weight loss, California weight loss, New York weight loss, and fast weight loss programs in every state in between.

Do your research. Read. Learn. Grow.

Buy online at if you desire a tried and true program that aids you own efforts to lose fat weight and create the body you desire.

Yours in Health,

Daniel Riedel, Life Prime International