Electrolyte Awareness Is Critical For Health

Many times we encounter patrons who report odd issues. One of the most frequent circumstances is electrolyte deficiency. Just what does that mean?   We all require magnesium, potassium, and sodium to sustain normalcy in our bodies. During the Summer, or during extreme heat, dieting, sports, etc., electrolytes are jeopardized. The loss of key minerals create imbalance and threats to our health.  For more information pull up more information online about electrolytes. 

Many of our customers experience electrolyte deficiency because they are not getting typical amounts of minerals and vitamins in their diet nor are they taking supplements to replenish them.  Did you know that magnesium alone is strong enough to prevent a heart attack?   You should check your electrolytes and make sure you take in supplementation if you suspect a deficiency. See your qualified health professional for closure. 

Personally, I take 250 mg of magnesium, 100 mg of potassium, and I consume organic salt. This combination assures me of relative health from electrolyte stability. I am also stronger and have more endurance. My brain works better. I feel more assured I wont have a heart attack. 

When you stop a diet you can recheck your intake of minerals and vitamins to insure you are getting your daily quota. For additional support, read about it online or ask a qualified professional. It's not rocket science but it could save your life. 

James Villarreal, PhD.