A New Lease On Life!

Lynn Vergel

Lynn is a former hcg medical patient from many years ago. She was very successful. Unfortunately she encountered a nearly fatal car accident. Things unraveled and sadly, she found herself disabled for years. She slowly put her life in order. After all these years, she appeared motivated and ready to commit to another battle. She had gained a lot of unhealthy fat and her body was in dire pain. She was depressed and ready to just give up.  On June 25, we received this letter from Lynn, after being on the program again, for a couple of weeks. She is using our Oral Weight Loss program and following our modified Simeon's Diet. Our Director, Daniel Riedel adjusted the diet to better suit our clientele and meet the scientific standards he subscribes to. Just read this excerpt from her letter!


I went from 238 to 214 in 17 days in weight loss.  I cannot thank you enough for getting me back on track. I can now remember what it used to be like to have such a tiny snack mid morning and mid afternoon, and to eat only 2 things at meals, a low cal protein and a vegetable. I finally am beginning to feel free of all that other processed stuff I was eating. Your 3 squirts has sure worked well. I have never yet had a time of feeling out of control hungry.  I know I will feel so much better when I get under 200lbs. I will begin to feel much more human and happy.