Responsible behavior is always essential to the proper weight, long term.
The Holidays are no exception, but many, if not most of us, choose to ignore what we know for just a moment and go bonkers over holiday food choices.
The sights, smell, and tastes of the many foods available during the holidays can lead us all to enjoy high fat, high sugar foods. And many times too much!
At the same time, many times during the year, and more notably during the holidays, many people also have issues with depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety can lead many people to "throw in the towel" on eating correctly. To delay or offset these issues, many people anesthetize themselves with foods, more notably high-carbohydrate or high-sugar foods Why? These foods affect brain chemistry, dopamine, and serotonin, and lead people momentarily feel more relaxed.
Whether it's just over-enjoying the foods of this season, or eating due to life issues - commonly called "Emotional Eating" - Feeling guilty by having these foods, or the feeling of loss that comes with not allowing them in one's diet is commonly noted in medical journals and studies everywhere. Much has been written on these topics.
What we at Life Prime suggest is applying an 80/20 RULE - A way of approaching eating and many other things that still promotes the higher degree of responsible behavior, along with allowing for those moments where we want to take advantage of things we enjoy or that seem to make us feel better.
In this regard, FOOD is the topic of this writing.
80 % Nutritious, Healthy Foods
20 % Foods we Enjoy and are not necessarily the best for our bodies
"IF" you are not on a dietary plan to correct your chemistry and eliminate body fat and keep it off, this is easier to handle. Those who eat for their body's needs, or have very little concern for body fat, can handle the 80/20 RULE reasonably well. In this group, your body can take those 20% moments and quickly process and eliminate the toxicity of those foods we do not need - cakes, candies, baked goods, high-fat foods, and alcohol. It can recover quickly and not go into a state that increases obesity and bad health.
However, if you are on a dietary program - especially during the holidays - and feel the need to enjoy some of these items with friends and family, you don't need to be left out!
Many of you reading this ARE on or have recently been on a fat loss plan through Life Prime. More specifically, the PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction plan.
The holidays are here. You want some of that Apple Pie, Fudge, Chocolate, or other treats that are at all the parties you are going to. What do you do?
This is a common issue I hear about all the time. And clients are fearful that if they have anything, their fat loss programs are going to end, or they are going to start gaining fat again.
However, by allowing yourself some moments of enjoyment of these foods can increase your feelings of satisfaction, mental uplift, and being part of the season. If you feel you WANT something, and you are 80% or better when it comes to eating the right foods, ALLOW YOURSELF a treat! YOU CAN enjoy the moment. YOU CAN feel that you have taken part. YOU CAN now be able to go back and concentrate on eating right and sending your time being social and productive. AND THE FEELING of wanting can be eliminated.
You have plenty of time ahead of you to eat right, exercise, and "do the right thing." The occasional treat or moment when you get into the wrong foods is just a "moment," and not something that should cause you to stress or worry. Part of creating a healthy body is also to recognize moments where something—even desert—can give you the momentary satisfaction that allows you to get back to doing the right thing again.
If you are dieting at this time, take a moment to enjoy yourself. Your body forgives you. Your body continues on the correct path. You CAN still accomplish the goals you have set out to accomplish.
So, spend 80 % of your time doing what is right for you. Spend some of the remaining 20 % enjoying momentary things and feed a want or need.
Enjoy the holidays, and look forward to another great year to come. You are on the right path!

Daniel Riedel, Life Prime