Repair Your Adrenals & Feel Energized!

Feel burned out and exhausted? It may be Adrenal exhaustion but there is a cure!

Adrenal Exhaustion and Burn Out

by Dr. James Villarreal, Clinical Nutritionist and Psychotherapist 2018

Burn out occurs with highly motivated and committed people and become emotionally, psychologically, or physically exhausted. You lose interest in something you are very motivated about.

Other features may include poor performance and overall dissatisfaction. Let’s examine the symptoms:

  • a feeling of lack of control over commitments
  • a belief you are accomplishing less
  • negative thinking
  • loss of typical energy and your sense of purpose
  • preference to detach from others

Physical duress can be a sign of intense stress and you can begin seeing a lowering of your blood pressure. Often there is a lowering of blood volume due to long periods of stress. A vicious cycle begins.

Examining low blood pressure needs to be carefully executed. It can be an indication of poor nutrition and associated with low thyroid with low metabolic performance. You should have all your endocrine functions reviewed by your doctor.

How to fix this condition requires an overhaul of your thinking and actions. Let’s create an easy checklist.

Mentally, determine where your threshold would be and becoming too tired and overwhelmed.

Learn to say NO when others start piling on too much responsibility. Do not distance from normally good relationships. You need genuine support and recreation. Having FUN is a key component of reversing burnout.  If you desire something more ethereal, consider yoga, hypnosis, or similar. Get a massage as often as possible. ‘Out with the old, in with the new’.

Physically, you need to institute a good food plan with controlled calories and proper amounts of each macro-nutrient, e.g., protein, carbs, and fats. Your diet should render moderate to high amounts of protein, perhaps as high as 50% of your daily calories, while carbs should be low and fat taken in moderate amounts. So something like 50 % proteins, 35 % carbs, and the rest in fats would be helpful.

Supplements are critical! There is a list of key supplements you should take daily. They rejuvenate your system and will help you succeed.

Foods should be low on the glycemic index. Under the level of 60 would be good. You should avoid the following foods as they are inflammatory to your condition: wheat, sugar, honey, maple syrup, soft drinks wine, beer, flour products, many fruits, and fruit juices. If you want detailed list and specifics, contact me for the information.

Here is a list of supplements, but check with me about the volume and times for taking them:  carnitine, vitamin C and E, adrenal glandular, ashwagandha, ginseng, zinc, chromium, avena sativa.  We have a discount service if you want to save money on your supplements. Contact me or see the link on the front of the Life Prime website.

Be sure to integrate mental and physical adjustments to overcome your condition. Exercise is a vital therapy that you should enjoy 4-5 times a week for at least an hour. Make a plan you can stick with and find the happiness you deserve!