Advancement to metabolism starts with Endocrine glands’ stability

It is no secret that endocrine glands like thyroid, pituitary, and the others, play a key role in weight management. What has NOT happened is an effective link between weight and thyroid health, per se. Based on good medical science, this needs to change. Thyroid stability has everything to do with your weight and metabolism. Without knowing what is going on with a thyroid gland, you should not believe that all you need to do is lose weight for a permanent solution to your bodyweight. For many people, those who have a normal functioning thyroid, normal weight loss efforts can be effective. There is a downline of endocrine adjustments that support the goal. For those who have a history of weight flux, obesity, metabolic disease, or old age, may have a serious problem with their thyroid and may not link the problem to their chronic weight and mood issues.

We are taking this topic very seriously. Starting in January 2018 we are going to encourage customers to know their thyroid scores and watch them with proper treatment.  If your thyroid is low, ‘hypo-active’ then you are inclined to suffer metabolic malaise, mood disorders, and more.  Many people are experiencing a low thyroid and accept it as something else!  Many customers never get their thyroids checked and many don’t consciously link their thyroids to weight flux. Ideally, we want to manage thyroid activity along with weight control.

Recently, we have added a blood draw option which is low cost and easy. We invite our customers to get a thyroid panel done and allow us to review its’ status. The counsel about this result is critical for optimal metabolic habilitation. Making a key recommendation for treatment from your medical professional will change the game for long term weight management. The investment is small and the return is HUGE!  It was not until I was 46 years old that any doctor determined I had a thyroid problem!  It explained a lot of symptoms I was experiencing. Since then, my thyroid condition has worsened and become an immunology problem. Now, I have Hashimoto’s Disease and I am following proper medical management tactics. My body responds so much better to all the anti aging interventions I utilize which includes exercise, hormone replacement, and brain enhancement.  I am 63 now, and perform like I am 30 years old.

If you are interested in knowing more about thyroid and metabolism, contact me. I will donate a single pre program counsel session and help you get on the right road to recovery. Ideally, getting your thyroid checked and know how it is functioning will greatly enhance your weight loss and body sculpting efforts.

Here is my contact information:  [email protected]  or 719-639-1110, in Wilmington, NC.