HCG products are shown to reduce the pain of menopause

Women everywhere have reported that their experience with HCG altered not only their metabolisms but also their circumstances with menses and menopause, itself.

How could this be? Undocumented accounts of feeling better and desiring to continue the effect of hcg in the support of better regulation of hormones has been profound. There are no studies or claims by the big pharmaceutical businesses. The claims are coming directly from the patients themselves.

Claims include reports about less pain and overall discomfort, less bloat and edema, better mood, better sleep, and even better libido. Sounds like a commercial? Well, the reports are better since they are coming from actual people who have taken it upon themselves to experience the effects outside of dieting.

HCG and this includes the homeopathic has been proven to help the body work better and this includes the regulation of hormones. This is true for both sexes.
Men can respond with better testosterone production and internal absorption with interesting changes. Men feel more virile, energetic, happy, sleep better, have high functioning sexual circumstances into old age, and some aesthetic changes like skin and hair improvements.

So why is the world uninformed about these situations? Simple, no one wants to battle the regulatory groups among us. The off label use of medication has become a bitter battle between the FDA and the public. This has lead to development of potent over the counter products that can squeak by the regulators. Well, this is perfectly legal and ethical.

Do not rely on your physicians to know the material about hcg use and it’s benefits outside of the typical pattern of treating infertility. Meanwhile, we will continue to report about the comments and claims about how people respond to both medical and non-medical hcg.

James Villarreal, PhD.