Fall 2017 Newsletter from Life Prime dba Body Solutions Rx – $20 OFF programs / New Label / Dr. James available for consults

Fall Newsletter from Life Prime dba Body Solutions Rx – $20 OFF programs / New Label / Dr. James available for consults

Good day!

Welcome to Life Prime and our Fall 2017 announcement.

Short and sweet!

1.) If you have not received any announcements recently, you don’t know about the loss of our lab and product line in Florida from the recent hurricane. While this is going to take some time to recover from, we have gone ahead and instituted another label – same formula – for the HCG Diet everyone has used ongoing for all these years.

As a THANK YOU for your patience and graciousness during this time, we reduced the price from $74.95/ 1 Month program, to $54.95. Limited time of course.

Go to our ONLINE STORE to order.

2.) A revised version of the cook book, and our new book written by Dr. James Villarreal are our and now available not just in PDF from our store, but in KINDLE. $1.99 for PDF, only $0.99 for the KINDLE books. Use the links on our new site for more information: www.LifePrime.net

IF you have an AMAZON account and get either of our books, we’d appreciate a REVIEW so others know what you think and any suggestions.

3.) We will be converting ALL platforms to our brand LIFE PRIME, including web sites. shortly bodysolutionsrx.com will also point to www.LifePrime.net

4.) Consider leaving some reviews on our Facebook page – we appreciate any help and will be doing all we can to serve you better as we re-build, with the help of Dr. James and Terrie.

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/BodySolutionsRx/

5.) Several NEW programs are launching this November 1st to help those who are stuck on dieting get past the hurdles and make some new, positive advancement in their health and nutrition goals. Look for our November newsletter for information, or go to the web site.

Thank you ALL for your continued support. We appreciate you and will be working to do more for you as the days and weeks push on.

Yours in health,

Daniel Riedel, Life Prime (Body Solutions Rx)


Yours In Health,

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