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WHOLESALE Products by Life Prime Int’l

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Buying WHOLESALE has never been this simple! Contact us for a password to buy online or call. After qualifying to buy wholesale, you and your clients will have easy access to our targeted, pharmacy-grade products for weight loss, natural energy, anti aging, sexual and emotional health, and so much more. Grow with us!

ALL Life Prime branded homeopathic sublingual sprays now have  NDC codes, ensuring greater compliance and quality.


Our company manufactures and wholesales top-of-the-line supplement sprays and encapsulated supplements that are popular today. With competitive pricing, attention to quality and safety, and above all customer satisfaction, our products have become well known in centers and clinics throughout the USA.




With many thousands of successful users of Life Prime products such as PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction, hgh, b12, thyroid, alternative hcg and glandular balance, and energy supplements, Life Prime International is becoming a leader in our industry. Let our product line be a staple of your growing business today.

-       Wholesale pricing is available on volumes as low as 6 bottles

-       Additional savings is offered for larger volume purchases

-      New products launched Mid-March 2012 with the same FDA and cGMP standards:


* OPTIMUM Body (poewr weight loss alternative)

* OPTIMUM Neuro-B (B12 and neurological)

* OPTIMUM Energy (our famous original formula, now upgraded!)






PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction comes in 1 oz. & 2 oz. sizes, more potent, with the same quality you expect. Read more… Better PRICING too!

A staple of Life Prime International’s developing wholesale company was commonly referred to as oral hcg, hcg drops, or hcg spray. The Life Prime PRIME Appetite and Weight Loss formula was one of the first on the market – it was first formulated in 2008 and has consistently out-performed other oral products on the market.

PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction and our entire sublingual spray product line, as well as supplement line, have undergone some new and exciting changes recently that are important to both consumers and professionals offering out product in their clinics and stores.

Life Prime International is a USA-based company dedicated to the production of safe, all natural products without side effects. Our Life Prime labeled products are covered by a comprehensive product liability insurance plan for your business peace of mind!

Life Prime International works with a registered pharmaceutical manufacturing company with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each Life Prime International formula is manufactured in strict accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and the FDA.


Our line of “hcg diet”-focused products is now labeled as “PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction” as of October 3, 2011, and come in 1 oz. or 2 oz. sublingual sprays. Often people ask the difference between our “spray” and that of “drops”. The term “drops” came about 2 years ago when competing companies decided to make their own formulations, most with out utilizing the homeopathic method, and made only with amino acids and herbs – not something to be used lightly with a protocol as sensitive as the famous hcg diet. These drops are taken throughout the day, many times a day, as an attempt to curb appetite and hunger only.

The difference between these cheap drops and Life Prime International’s oral spray is as follows:

  1. - Our sprays come in a sealed container ensuring proper dosing and NO contamination
  2. - Life Prime sublingual sprays are made through the homeopathic method and in strict accordance with cGMP’s in an FDA rated facility
  3. - Sprays are now available in 1 oz. and 2 oz. sizes, eliminating the need for 2 bottles for a longer program
  4. - Life Prime International sprays have shown time and time again, to be a time-tested, stable and effective product – when used in a weight loss program withclinical oversight – as reported by many satisfied clients.


“PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction” has also now come down in wholesale price on the 1 0z. bottle. A 2 oz. bottle is now also available and comes at even more savings over the 2 of the 1oz bottles.


Our NEW “OPTIMUM” line  of products – OPTIMUM Body and OPTIMUM Neuro-B – come in 1oz sprays.


NEW OPTIMUM Energy is launching as the famous ENERGY supplement our customers are demanding.


CLICK HERE to Buy! (If you are a new client, you will need to contact us for a PASSWORD to access the online store to view pricing and to purchase online. Please fill out the online contact form, and remember to include your password and information about your business to buy. We will get a password to you right away). Returning Clients – please check your e-mail for a message from Life Prime and the password to enter the store.


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