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Daniel Riedel

Life Prime by Daniel Riedel is comprised of many elements which include health and weight loss products and program, such as the PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction product and program, by Life Prime and Body Solutions Rx Tm, as well as educational information and coaching by Daniel Riedel. Daniel strives to create a quality online presence where his personal and professional goals can be realized, and help the many clients that utilize his products and services.

Recent product line additions making a HUGE impact in Life Prime and in the lives of Daniel, his friends and family, and clients, include LIMU, Youngevity, Nerium, Juice Plus, Send Out Cards and Legal Shield. Explore our web site for more information on our entire product line. You are also invited to watch our recent video about 3 CORE products currently taking Life Prime and the lives of our clients by storm.


videos: The Information Highway - Keep Moving!

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Our Affiliates and Partners

Life Prime has affiliates and partners nationwide. We pride ourselves on providing our affiliate partners with opportunities to earn 30% commissions on all products ordered by the clients, friends and family they refer to Life Prime and Body Solutions Rx. Our wholesale supplement clients realize substantial savings by buying in bulk - some with private labels - and service their own clients and customers on the local level.

Life Prime, and Daniel Riedel in particular, partners with other groups and affiliates to provide additional services, resources and products options we would not otherwise have at Life Prime. Products endorsed by and offered by Daniel Riedel include, for the first time and due to direct positive experience, "Legal Shield TM" legal products, "Send Out Cards TM" as an amazing marketing opportunity, "Youngevity" - providing ancillary products that compliment those offered by Life Prime and Body Solutions Rx, and soon, LIMU products which have been helpful for numerous health issues both Daniel and his clients have had. Read further for more on these opportunities today!

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