HCG Diet 2021!

Get the EXTENDED PRIME Diet - 45-60 day program for just $81.95 in 2021!

Life Prime is one of the original providers of the Colorado hCG Diet, and national hCG Weight Loss program since 2007. With the elimination of injectable hCG programs, we created our oral formulation, PRIME Appetite, in 2010 with great success. You CAN still experience fast weight loss with our program. Each weight loss program comes complete with PRIME Appetite, instructions and materials, and free counseling if needed. Purchase the additional hCG Cook Book in digital PDF, or in paperback.
Originally a 30-day program, you now receive a 60-day program for the same low price! Plus: UPS Shipping!

The PRIME Diet for FAST Weight Loss

NOW: 45-60 Days! Move weight quickly and recalibrate the body's ability to process toxins and fats, with personal counseling. Lose up to a pound a day safely, and effectively.

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HCG Cook Book

Tasty meals & ingredients await in our easy to use, DIGITA, cook book to accompany the PRIME Diet.
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PRIME Energy

Out of Stock - Sorry for the Delay: Advanced Diet and Energy Formula. PRIME Energy™ helps customers who want to reduce hunger and improve energy levels while getting a quick BOOST!

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Update - January 1, 2021

It's a great day at Life Prime!

Our core program has been and continues to be the 'PRIME Diet' since the advent of the HCG Diet in 2007. The PRIME Diet is different, updated, and affordable. You CAN lose up to a pound a day.

New & Exciting!

The improved Prime Appetite & Weight Management Formula is on sale NOW.  Accompanying the improved Formula is our improved Prime Energy capsules combined with the Prime Appetite. We are expecting more of the same great results and even easier fat reduction with the new combination package. Products should be ready to ship in 4 days. We appreciate your understanding.  Fast turn around after your order posts!

The 'Lose A Pound A Day' HCG Medical Simeons Diet is available in North Carolina, Colorado, and nationwide. through simple, online ordering.

You can buy "The Cook Book for the PRIME Diet", as well as our new book "Staying Youthful Healthy and Vital" either on KINDLE, eBook in PDF, or Paperback.

Thank you all for you continued patronage!

Yours in Health,
Daniel Riedel - Founder, Life Prime / Body Solutions Rx


You CAN lose up to a pound or more A DAY with the PRIME Diet, Colorado hCG Diet. Ask us HOW!

Staying Youthful, Healthy and Vital by Dr. James

Insights from Dr. James include HOW TO's on eating, dieting, selecting hormone replacement options that are right for you, finding a doctor, & more.
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BUY via PDF for $1.99 (emailed to you)

Health is for the young and old alike!

Welcome to Life Prime.

As a leader in the health and wellness industry, our experience spans anti-aging services like hormone replacement therapy for men and women, and fast yet healthy weight loss programs, smoking cessation, and more. We are known for our safe and effective weight loss program - The PRIME Diet with PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction, the Colorado HCG Diet offered nationwide. We had had many thousands of successful customers nationwide and in several foreign countries. Our competitive advantage is the consistent way in which we work with each client based on individual and unique needs.

You don't need to aspire to look like a couple of ripped 20-year-olds to possess good health, longevity, and happiness (look right!). But you CAN look and feel great in your own skin.

As of September 27, 2017, we have brought back our core formula and label for the official PRIME Diet, the Colorado HCG Diet Plan It replaces PRIME Appetite ORIGINAL because our lab was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017.
SAME great formula, SAME program, SAME great service, and clinical oversight.


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