Prime Appetite & Weight Management Formula

Our famous and exclusive formula has been improved and advanced to meet the needs of our patrons. The new program features the Formula and we added our great Prime Energy for deeper fat loss and more energy during your diet.  The two products are now sold in pairs and priced right, at $74.95. On sale now, with first deliveries starting March 23, 2018.

The approach developed by Mr. Daniel Riedel, Founder of Life Prime, takes into account the need for professional accountability and health support of all our patrons.  Coaching and counseling are readily available, just call or email for a connection.  Using lawful and safe products have always been a strength in our programs. Keeping things simple and realistic are points you can count on.  Many thousands of patrons have lost most all the weight they want within 30-50 days, safely and with our full support.  Our company remains a small and connected entity that wants to take good care of our customers and help them get amazing results in their makeover journey.

Blood Work & Health Screenings

Endocrine & Metabolism Check

Thyroid Assessment Service

A simple blood draw at our local clinic will provide essential information about the health and functioning of your thyroid and may indicate unforeseen issues in other endocrine functions. Rule out what part of your weight management issues are endocrine based rather than just food and behavior. If you have not had your thyroid assessed and you are dealing with weight issues, depression, sleep problems, loss of hair, moodiness, and more, then you should call us for this service. The draw, review, summary, and consult is priced under $125. Please call Dr. James for more information, at 719-639-1110.

Clinical Nutrition & Programs

Excellent short and long term food management programs are available that feature programs for general weight management, allergies and GI health, athletics, disease management, and more. Assessments are also available.  A rapidly expanding program is ' The Carb Less Solution'  written by Dr. James and used with hundreds of patrons which includes use in federal programs. A simple, long term plan to lose any amount of weight in 12 weeks and then the ability to keep it under control for life!  It is the perfect complement to follow after the Prime Program or an HCG program. Programs include frequent personal coaching for 12 weeks, psychotherapy if desired, and a clinical manual. Fees are under $300. Please call Dr. James for help selecting a good plan. Call 719-639-1110 and schedule a free consult to assist you.

Next Steps...

Place your order online or call Dr. James at 719-639-1110 for personal assistance, between 9am and 6 pm Monday through Saturday, EST.  You can also email us at drjamesvillarreal@gmail.com.