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About Life Prime - The NEW HCG Diet Kit for the PRIME Diet

About Life Prime - Our Principles

  • We treat EVERY customer with respect and integrity
  • PROVIDE the very best in customer service and support
  • PROVIDE the very best in quality products and services every time
  • GO BEYOND in everything we do and be the best we can be
  • BEGIN and END every interraction with a smile
  • BE the products and services we provide

About Life Prime - Our Mission

Welcome to Life Prime. Our mission is to bring energy and health back to people's lives and help them live at full potential. Our programs utilize the latest in technology and research to help facilitate better health naturally, prevent disease and turn the body's biological clock to a more youthful place.

About Life Prime - Our Story since 2003

Life Prime continues to offer innovative nutritional services and solutions that are engineered to help with issues with obesity, illness, disease, and sexual related conditions. Each program provides a fresh and unique approach for each customer, including our natural and comprehensive weight loss programs and products.

About Life Prime - Meet the Team

We are expanding yet again. Dr. James is back on board in our Colorado and North Carolina centers.

Dr. James Villarreal

Dr. James Villarreal

Lead Provider & Director of Operations

James Villarreal, PhD. has over 30 years of clinical experience within the mind-body sciences. Expertise includes clinical psychology, clinical nutrition, physical fitness, and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Villarreal has authored several health education books and his Carb Less Solutions diet plan was adopted by a large federal agency, in 2012.


Danie Riedel

Founder & CEO

Daniel Riedel, CFO & CEO, has over 25 years in the health & education arena. Part of the original team, he later initiated Prime Life International and other commercial ventures. His expertise developed clinically through the anti-aging venue and weight management arena. Many thousands of customers have utilized the programs established by Mr. Riedel.


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Public Relations

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