To Our Clients: You NEED these supplements!


Life Prime suggests that with any nutritional program or diet you are on, you need key nutrients to support proper health and body functions. Key nutrients are often lacking in many fast weight loss programs and diets, including the Hcg Diet.

The latest research from the Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that if you are using a low calorie weight loss plan you should be supplementing with some essential nutrients and elements.

While it is well known that our food supply does not provide everything we need, supplements have become a vital source of life sustaining nutrients and elements.

Most consumers simply do not get enough of the essential vitamins, in the USA.

If you are using a low calorie diet, it is imperative that you supplement to restore the missing vitamins and core elements, to stay healthy and energetic. The hcg diet meets this criteria. Here is a sample list of vitamins and elements you need to supplement with for at least two months:

  Multi-vitamin (most any type)
 Calcium (take it without Magnesium)                         Green Tea Extract
Magnesium  250 mg - 500  if you bowels are good, 800-1200 mg if
you are constipated! Take it separately.
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3 (dry type)                                                          Vitamin E (if you are on a normal diet)                       
Green Anti-Oxidants
Brain enhancers                                                                    Tribulus 

Call Dr. Villarreal for doses before you start! 

We suggest our clients get most of these through our contract and affiliation with EVitamins.

You will:

- Find what you are looking for and have options
- Save a lot of money over purchasing in your local store
- Use products we endorse and are familiar with


For a COMPLETE list of suggested products
use the following list:


Life Prime LIST of Suggested Supplements for Programs

Use this LIST while buying when you go to EVitamins

Note: the list is a PDF - you can save this list to your computer for future reference.
Also note: these supplements are processed and shipped from EVitamins, and not from the regular Life Prime online store you buy programs from.