• Each program includes a FREE bottle of OPTIMUM ENERGY.... all day energizer and brain support.
  • Sublingual Formulary, Optimize Your Metabolism & Powerful Proven Methods All Guaranteed To Help You Lose Fat!


The OPTIMUM Body System

Includes System Detox, Metabolic Drops, & Appetite Management Supplementation

Metabolic Alternative Weight Loss + Whole Body Balance + Highest Quality

Lose weight, optimize lean muscle and balance the body's metabolic processes, glands and hormones for a complete, safe and natural weight loss and health solution.  This approach originated from Functional Medicine.  Eat more, weigh less! Gain muscle, strength and natural energy like never before!  This system includes the powerful sublingual, the Optimum Energy Appetite Reduction Product, and Clinical Supervision & Exercise Program

New, Improved Formulary, & Guaranteed To Help You Lose Fat! Lose 20-50 pounds in 10 weeks! Designed by the original, rapid fat loss group, Body Solutions Rx by Life Prime of Colorado Springs and Wilmington, NC.

COST: $ 169.00 


A clinical program after 15,000 weightloss customers! Adopted by a huge Federal Agency to combat disease and obesity, within their Functional Medicine programs, 2012. Based on over 30 years of clinical experience in metabolism science.

The Carb Less Solution

A life long system of weight & body management for anyone !

Created and managed by James Villarreal, PhD. Copyright 2011 - 2018

COST: $299.00

Includes one metabolic homeopathic product.

You will also get a LOT of one-on-one coaching during this program. This is a HUGE value.

Includes a new fat reduction & detox product, valued at $59

Imagine, new and effective weight reduction systems rival anything in the industry! Fast and predictable results, long term plans, and everything is safe for your health.

A carefully conceived food plan which regulates carbs, proteins, and fats in a specific process that will allow you to drop 30 pounds PLUS, and easily,  in less than 12 weeks. You can eat a lot of food, never feel hungry, and not rely on medications or products to allow this plan to work.

This plan uses well established principles that really work, when applied correctly. Nothing else is needed, but you may add some accelerating, fast weight loss products.  A list of effective add-ons is available upon request.

The Carb-Less Solution offers a unique booklet complete with instructions, charts, and inspiring reports. Every customer on this system lost between 40 and 100 pounds and reported that they experienced this plan easily and rarely felt hungry. No exercise is required, but greatly recommended for body shaping & toning.

This is what you get as part of The Carb-Less Solution Program:

  • My new booklet, explaining everything in detail... complete with charts and directions.
  • A clinical consult(s) with expert Dr. James Villarreal (PhD) and on-going supervision DAILY based on your input and journals
  • One bottle of  'Optimum Energy'  (an appetite & energy product) valued at $59
  • Discounts on pharmaceutical grade vitamin products, that will help you feel great.
  • An optional personal workout assessment at our studio in Wilmington, NC; learn how to get the most out of an exercise program!
  • An invitation to our professional discussion group with other customers

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