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Anti-Inflammatory Program

Missions And Goals

Our main mission of this program is to help people take control of there inflammatory issues and give them a better perspective on how to control this issue. There are several different cases of inflammatory diseases, one of the most common cases for women is rheumatoid arthritis. Though there is no research understanding the causes of this disease there are ways with proper diet and supplements to control this issue. Other inflammatory diseases are auto-inflammatory, patella tendinitis, tendon sheath inflammation also known as runners knee.

Our goals for this program is to help with better joint care, giving better mobility in everyday life. Showing how proper diet, exercise and a healthy intake of supplements and vitamins can help lubricate the joints. Also I will help provide amazing anti-inflammatory medication that I have used and also help control the inflammation.

Components of the program

A.) Diet: There are many situations that are created by foods mostly because of the everyday foods that we eat have chemicals in them that we are unaware of. Though most of the diets are different the main aspect is to avoid out of control inflammation trough out the body.

Eat This :

Dark Greens: High in vitamin E, also has calcium
and other essential vitamins
Whole Grains: Brown rice, Bulgar wheat
Lean Protein: Chicken, Lean Beef
Spices: Ginger, curry can have an anti-inflammatory effect
Minimize saturated and trans fats


  • Carbs: Pasta, white rice, whole bread
  • Light Greens: Contains more water and not essential vitamins
  • High Sodium: Bacon, pork, salts
  • Fatty Acids: Fish oil in salmon, trout, almonds, walnuts and tofu
  • Greasy fried foods, mostly animal fat sources


B.) Supplements. In the case of anti-inflammatory there more products than I can even mention the main key is trying to find what works for you. Even in my own cases there are several products that that did not work for me, and others that were amazing. The purpose of an anti inflammatory medication is to alleviate pain by counteracting the cyclooxygense (COX) enzyme. On its own the cox enzyme synthesizes prostaglandins creating inflammation in certain areas. In a more simple anti inflammatory drugs prevent prostaglandins from ever being synthesized reducing the swelling and the pain.

There are many forms of these medications that can help with these problems, over the counter many prescriptions. Most common are ones that have aspirin in them or a compound that helps with thinning the blood helps the fluids lubricate the areas in pain loosen.

  • Neproxen
  • ibuprofen
  • Tablets with magnesium and fish oils
  • Omega 3
  • And aspirin

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